May 26, 2008

InOri~yOu rAiSe mE uP

I love this song just as I love the original version.A friend of mine gave me this Japanese version a few weeks ago and I really love it since I can understand the meaning of the song.But until that time I never knew that there is a Japanese version. The singer named Lena Park ...and yes she isn't a Japanese but a Korean!SURPRISE!SURPRISE!I admit I didn't know about it until I looked the song up in youtube and read some of the comments below there.Haha...she sang it beautifully just like she is a Japanese singer. But it doesn't really matter if she's one or not.The matter is her singing is great!Thumbs up!

Well,today there are a few famous Korean artists who came here to make albums in Japanese like BOA, DBSK, K...and they have succeeded well with their fans.And there're many others from around the world.It's like a "multi-player" singer...Hehe...

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