May 26, 2008

InOri~yOu rAiSe mE uP

I love this song just as I love the original version.A friend of mine gave me this Japanese version a few weeks ago and I really love it since I can understand the meaning of the song.But until that time I never knew that there is a Japanese version. The singer named Lena Park ...and yes she isn't a Japanese but a Korean!SURPRISE!SURPRISE!I admit I didn't know about it until I looked the song up in youtube and read some of the comments below there.Haha...she sang it beautifully just like she is a Japanese singer. But it doesn't really matter if she's one or not.The matter is her singing is great!Thumbs up!

Well,today there are a few famous Korean artists who came here to make albums in Japanese like BOA, DBSK, K...and they have succeeded well with their fans.And there're many others from around the world.It's like a "multi-player" singer...Hehe...

May 21, 2008

buat baik dibalas baik~

Today I felt a bit lucky today!weeee~ On my way back from the tiring school, I decided to stop by a small bakery shop to grab some breads.Here it sells all sorts of delicous home made breads at a good price.Today was the third time I came as a customer and the owner had already knew my must-buy bread which is the custard-filled choc bread.The last time I bought it I said to the owner that I liked it very much and she seemed very happy after hearing it.Unfortunately, this time she said that bread was already sold out.Sad, sad, but I said it's ok,I'll just buy the other ones.Then, after wondering which one to buy and paid for them, as I was heading out,she quickly stopped me and put another bread into my plastic bag.Wahh,I was a little bit shock at first,and then thanked her a few times."Arigatougozaimasu" lots of time.It was a 'meron pan' or 'melon bread' in english.It's a most known bread around here and I got it for free! Hehee~ As I headed home,I had some thoughts,maybe she gave me it because it was already 6p.m and she wanted to finish up all her bread, or, she felt guilty because I haven't got to buy my favourite bread today.

Well whatever it is, I'm sure do like her shop and will come again another time! It sure felt good when people do good things to us...

Oishii meron pan ittadakimasu!

May 20, 2008

Tun Dr Mahathir is an ex-UMNO

From yesterday's afternoon news, we Malaysians are awakened by a stunning news that our beloved Tun announced that he was no more an UMNO member.It was a rare and even a very brave decision made by him in showing his protest against present PM's weakness and failure in bringing this party to a better one even after the big lost in the last general election.Well I think I don't have to relate more as you all could read them from the newspapers.

I went through his blog anyway, reading some of the readers' comments about his actions until my eye cought on a comment saying that he remembered back of what Tun had said back 20 years ago during a speech to UMNO which were "it's better to be friends with the devil that you know rather with the angel that you don't know".Then the reader assumed that the angel itself was today's PM.Hmm..good point there bro~.You're probably right.

Well, I think today Tun had marked another part of history in UMNO' s over 60 years of journey, as he have done just about the same a few times back before.My hope is Pak Lah will open up all his 6 senses since it is done because of him himself.I don't think no one would ever change Tun's mind.

May 19, 2008

a ThOugHt fOr tOdaY

ONE seed can start a garden

ONE smile can lift a spirit

ONE candle can light a room

ONE conversation can start a friendship

ONE step can begin a journey

ONE love can touch a heart

ONE promise can gain a trust

ONE heart can love MANY

ONE person can make all difference

ONE moment can leave as a memory

ONE reality can described as fate

ONE last word, i believe in myself

*today's lab work were so tiring~ My stomach was grumbling and my throat was so thirsty through the time.Waiting for everyone's turn to do it was so boring.The worst thing was I was the last person.So I had to wait too long until my turn comes.In the end,I took the lunch at about 215 .Then there was `cleaning the environment time` at the school ground at 3.After finished then I quickly went back home at about 4 p.m before it starting to rain.I heard another storm/typhoon is coming soon from the south.Owh great~

~sAbArLaH wAhAi HaTi~

sabarlah wahai hatiku

kerna tika yang lain bergembira

diri ini berurusan

tika yang lain dibelai ibu

diri ini kedahagaan

tika ada yang dicinta

diri ini hanya mencintai

tika ada yang tawa

berpedih hanya terasa


sabarlah hatiku

kepadaNya ku merintih

ku berpaut

harap ku pinta tanpa noktah

pasti didengar

pasti hikmah berpancar

kelak sinar pasti ditemui

kejayaan digenggami

akhiri pudar jua gelap

kembalikan butiran jernih

kembalikan jiwa

dalam apa jua

padaMu Yang Esa

pentingnya hidup diberkat

ketepi hasutan dangan gagah