May 20, 2008

Tun Dr Mahathir is an ex-UMNO

From yesterday's afternoon news, we Malaysians are awakened by a stunning news that our beloved Tun announced that he was no more an UMNO member.It was a rare and even a very brave decision made by him in showing his protest against present PM's weakness and failure in bringing this party to a better one even after the big lost in the last general election.Well I think I don't have to relate more as you all could read them from the newspapers.

I went through his blog anyway, reading some of the readers' comments about his actions until my eye cought on a comment saying that he remembered back of what Tun had said back 20 years ago during a speech to UMNO which were "it's better to be friends with the devil that you know rather with the angel that you don't know".Then the reader assumed that the angel itself was today's PM.Hmm..good point there bro~.You're probably right.

Well, I think today Tun had marked another part of history in UMNO' s over 60 years of journey, as he have done just about the same a few times back before.My hope is Pak Lah will open up all his 6 senses since it is done because of him himself.I don't think no one would ever change Tun's mind.

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