May 21, 2008

buat baik dibalas baik~

Today I felt a bit lucky today!weeee~ On my way back from the tiring school, I decided to stop by a small bakery shop to grab some breads.Here it sells all sorts of delicous home made breads at a good price.Today was the third time I came as a customer and the owner had already knew my must-buy bread which is the custard-filled choc bread.The last time I bought it I said to the owner that I liked it very much and she seemed very happy after hearing it.Unfortunately, this time she said that bread was already sold out.Sad, sad, but I said it's ok,I'll just buy the other ones.Then, after wondering which one to buy and paid for them, as I was heading out,she quickly stopped me and put another bread into my plastic bag.Wahh,I was a little bit shock at first,and then thanked her a few times."Arigatougozaimasu" lots of time.It was a 'meron pan' or 'melon bread' in english.It's a most known bread around here and I got it for free! Hehee~ As I headed home,I had some thoughts,maybe she gave me it because it was already 6p.m and she wanted to finish up all her bread, or, she felt guilty because I haven't got to buy my favourite bread today.

Well whatever it is, I'm sure do like her shop and will come again another time! It sure felt good when people do good things to us...

Oishii meron pan ittadakimasu!

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