May 19, 2008

a ThOugHt fOr tOdaY

ONE seed can start a garden

ONE smile can lift a spirit

ONE candle can light a room

ONE conversation can start a friendship

ONE step can begin a journey

ONE love can touch a heart

ONE promise can gain a trust

ONE heart can love MANY

ONE person can make all difference

ONE moment can leave as a memory

ONE reality can described as fate

ONE last word, i believe in myself

*today's lab work were so tiring~ My stomach was grumbling and my throat was so thirsty through the time.Waiting for everyone's turn to do it was so boring.The worst thing was I was the last person.So I had to wait too long until my turn comes.In the end,I took the lunch at about 215 .Then there was `cleaning the environment time` at the school ground at 3.After finished then I quickly went back home at about 4 p.m before it starting to rain.I heard another storm/typhoon is coming soon from the south.Owh great~

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