October 18, 2008

I'm back !!!

Assalamualaikum to all~

uiihh...lame dh x update ape2 kat sini ek..nk dekat sebulan dh...huhu.. nk kate bz sgt, xdela bz memanjang...ade la jgk mase free sane sini..tp just xde mood nk tulih ape2...hrmm...

k la,firstly i think it's not too late to wish all muslims "selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin"...so mcm mane smbutan raye korang sumer aa? sure bes drpd aku kat sini kan...sbb leh beraye dgn family,kan..

aku ni pon,xde la nk katekan raye thn ni x bes langsung, tp kire bersyukur jgkla sbb nyawa still ade, xde sakit ape2(mcm sakit perut cirit-birit time raye thn lepas,huhu),pastu dpt cuti 1hari dr wat keje ape2 kat lab tuh :D part tu yg plg besh...hehe...lg, thn ni dpt pakai baju raye (thanks mama!)+kasut raye baru n gi smayang raye dgn komuniti minoriti muslim kat sini...plus with jamuan raya on the 5th day of syawal with the malaysians students here.i made very delicous desserts too(as people said they're delicous)!so overall,this year's raya is short,very moderate, but meriah.syukur alhamdulillah~ ye la,this shall be my last raye in Japan so wanna make it an unforgettable one with closed friends here.

so...what more did i went through on the past few weeks...oh yeah, i went for a job interview in tokyo last week,which was my first one i had in my life for job hunting.i won't say which company it was,but it's not related with any of what i'm studying right now but i really like it and want to try it out:D the interview was in japanese and it wasn't too difficult and stressing as i thought.in fact, the interviewer looks exactly like a malaysian u know!very tanned skin and round big eyes.he has very kind tone and comfortable to talk with.so it made it easier to go through the interview.how lucky!next,i must go for the second one on the next two weeks, this time representatives from malaysia will come interview.i think this one will be harder because it maybe will be in english,which i rarely have been spoken since coming to japan and my english speaking ability is rusted right now.so, time for parctice,practice speaking sya!!!

next week on the 24th and 25th i will attend a biotech seminar at hachioji and must present something there.huhu...this the toughest one...today, sensei had approved my presentation's summary.so next had to prepare the slide shows...mendokusei(very tiring)!!!

ok la...mate dh ngantuk..got to go now. anyway selamat hari raya lg everyone! esok luse update lg ek~mata ne~


hidaya shamsudin said...

aku rasa aku tau company mana.sbb aku dah kena interview ngan company tu and dah naitei,cuma sbb aku pikir gaji kecik,so aku tolak....hehehe.Dengr citer gak ramai tolak.Eh,ko bukan nak buat master kan?

sya said...

hrmm...aku rase company lain yg ko sangka ni..sbb company ni gaji besar n baru je stat interview org..xde sape naitei lg...pasal master tu, tgh kabur2 lg aa..huhu