September 1, 2008

Bulan Ramadhan kini kembali

The fasting month has returned and this time is the 4th year and MAYBE the last year I am fasting here in Japan , far, far away from my beloved family...I can't say that I don't feel sad because that's just what I'm feeling right now... but what to can't change the fact, right.(really miss the Ramadhan bazaar..uhuhu) So, here I would like to wish Muslims all over the world a happy fasting month and may this will be the greatest Ramadhan than before.Peace!

(p.s:my right eye suddenly burst into a big golf ball and it really hurts..and it was a really like "let's challenge my fasting day" when tried to go to the right hospital under the hot sun..I end up going to two hospitals as the first one which I went two weeks ago only recieve eye patients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY!...can you belive that!!!)

(p.s again:today's menu for berbuka are dendeng, cabbage and carrot soup, plus caramel pudding with milo and natchan's orange juice.A whole lot of meal I guess for only one person..hehe)

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